Is my user data safe with you?

Our promise: We do not give away user data to third parties, neither your email address nor your name nor other information. Your password will be stored in our database using state-of-the-art encryption/hashing mechanisms.

Is this service free?

Yes. Our service is entirely free of charge.

What is a cloock?

Cloocks are events with a countdown.

What is the difference between a red countdown and a green one?

The red countdowns are not officially confirmed yet.

How am I being notified about an event

Once you click the “CloockIt” button you will receive an email on the day your event is happening.

Is there a mobile app that we can download

Not at the moment but we are really close to launching one for Android and Apple users.

Can I create my own cloock?

At the moment you are able just to suggest a cloock and a member of our team will publish it. But we are working on this feature.

If I suggest an event how long will it take to be published

Usually is done within an hour but it depends on the amount of requests. As soon as your suggestion is live on our website we will send you an notification..

Can I suggest a category?

Of course! Please feel free to contact us for any suggestions or ideas.

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