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Dolores Abernathy

"Journey into Night" Season 2 Premiere








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Ford brings Lowe back in the private lab. Lowe weeps for Theresa Cullen. Ford is philosophical, Lowe gets angry but accepts to do a coverup in return for a memory wipe. Lowe goes to the computer and Theresa’s apartment, he burns a private note.

Maeve is in the saloon, a new blonde hooker is there instead of Clementine. Maeve wistfully remembers her homesteader life. Felix and Sylvester try to explain her memories, then she asks them to deactivate her failsafe internal explosive.

William and Dolores ride on a single horse, they stop by a river with many dead bodies, killed by Natives. She tries to aid a badly wounded man. The man tells them Logan is working with the Confederados.

Dolores has a memory glitch and sees herself dead. The Conferado dies.

Stubbs explains Cullen was found dead, from a fall. She was in possession of data. Charlotte still seems suspicious, she says Cullen was loyal. Ford explains Cullen faked the Clementine test, Lowe should be re-instated, Hale agrees.

Maeve and the techs discuss her core code. She asks about Arnold. Maeve asks to go to a higher level during a shift change. Alone, the two techs plan how to end it, to wipe Maeve’s memory.

Teddy Flood and MIB ride, MIB tries to explain the rules of the Game. They see several dead men. A crying injured woman blames Wyatt. A large horned figured attacks, it takes both men to kill it. Teddy remembers MIB hauling Dolores off to rape, then he slugs MIB unconscious.

The techs shut down Maeve. Felix pauses before reformatting.

Sizemore is training a robot to eat a human leg. Charlotte comes to see him and says Cullen was loyal. She offers him a new task.

Sylvester tries to convince Felix to proceed, then Maeve awakes, angry with Sylvester. She grabs a scalpel and slices Sylvester’s throat. She gets Felix to stop the bleeding.

Back in Sweetwater Maeve returns to the saloon. Again she recalls the homestead MIB murder. Hector and Armistice arrive to shoot up the town. She is able to give voice commands to direct the other AI.

Ford and Lowe get back to work, Ford is not worried about Hale. Lowe is still puzzled about his back story. Ford tries to explain the differences between AI and humans. Ford denies having Lowe kill anyone before but the AI Engineer has a memory flash of strangling Elsie Hughes.

Dolores and William find her ‘home’ , another town. A peaceful town, techs train AI to dance. Lawrence’s daughter appears. Gun shots and a she sees herself killing everyone. It’s all an illusion or memory fragment, there is just the black church steeple. Dolores is confused about what is real. Logan appears with other riders.

Hale and Sizemore walk through the robot storage area. They choose Peter Abernathy at random, she uploads some data and says to program him to be able to walk out of the park.

Stubbs comes to sympathize with Lowe, Stubbs hints he knew about Lowe mist ice and Theresa but Lowe says he barely knew her. Stubbs is taken aback also asks about Elsie, Lowe says she is on vacation.

Teddy has MIB bound up and demands to know about Dolores. MIB explains his own wife died from an overdose, scared of his dark side. A year before he had come to test himself and killed homesteader Maeve and her daughter but Maeve had not died and stabbed him back.

Maeve is under attack in Sweetwater, the techs realize she is non responsive. A year before she had been non responsive too until Ford was able to reset her, and gave her a new role. Hazmat team closes in on her.

MIB tells Teddy they have to find the maze, the woman urges Teddy to kill him. But Teddy cannot pull the trigger, the blonde stabs Teddy, dark figures approach.

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