About Us

Our mission is to synchronise the world with the event’s universe by letting you cloock what events you like and we will notify you when they happen.



Here is where you can choose what you want to share on your Profile, such as interests, photos and personal information.

What are Cloocks


Cloocks are countdowns for events all over the world. People can use cloocks to organise their calendars by knowing when important events begin.

New Cloocks


New cloocks is a regularly updating list of events. We make a priority to be on top of the important event’s happening all around the world so you can have quality cloocks.

Cloock list


This is where your cloocked events are so you can stay organised. Once you cloock an event this will show up on your Cloock list. Therefore every time when you want to recheck the events you had a special interest in you just go on your Cloock list.



We made it realy easy to register. With one click you can start cloocking your events and be notified when they start.

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